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Simplicity is NZ's fastest growing KiwiSaver plan for a reason.

Nonprofit, 100% online, and lowest cost, this smart, young challenger brand is already saving its 29,000 investors more than $10 million p.a. in fees.

It has also donated more than $500,000 to charity since it started in 2016. That's because 15% of its investment management fee goes to charity.

Another reason to love Simplicity? It's socially conscious. Their investment excludes fossil fuel extraction stocks, alcohol, gambling, adult entertainment, tobacco, civilian and military weapons and nuclear energy companies. Simplicity's mission is to make members wealthier and smarter with money by providing free digital classroom content and workplace talks.

Simplicity does not charge the $30 a year member fee on its kids' accounts including both KiwiSaver and its non-KiwiSaver investment funds.

Its member portal allows you to link accounts which makes it easier to keep track of both yours and bub's wealth portfolio.

Whether you want to give your young one a leg-up on a first-home via KiwiSaver or their retirement, or university savings account via its investment fund options, Simplicity is a natural choice.

Its award-winning customer service team is second to none. Sign up today in two minutes and get savings for a better future.

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