About PeekaBox

 A Peek into PeekaBox


Getting a baby is a milestone worth celebrating. That’s why we created the PeekaBox, offering every mum-to-be a free Pregnancy Gift Box, with carefully selected samples from so many different brands.


The PeekaBox offers a great introduction to what is needed during early motherhood. And not just that, we also add products and information to pamper the expecting mum and possibly the dad as well!

Becoming a parent is challenging and we understand the importance of support. We aim to give that little bit of extra to new parents by sending the PeekaBox right to your doorstep and sharing experiences, information from our brand partners and articles on our website and social media.

We’re happy to be part of one of the most memorable times in your life. We hope that PeekaBox will give you a great experience and wish you lots of joy on your journey to parenthood! 

Love from the PeekaBox team