The Lactation Station

While women are breastfeeding, the nutrients within the breastmilk are sourced from the mother’s own supply. Therefore, it is important that they maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet to ensure both herself and her milk supply are enriched with the dietary supplements needed to do so throughout such a special time.

That’s where ‘The Lactation Station’ is here to help. Providing ‘nutritious treats for breastfeeding mothers’ including their New Zealand famous products such as Lactation Cookies, Boobie Blend and Lactation Tea.

The Lactation Station products are packed with ingredients called Galactagogues (something that can help a breastfeeding mother to increase her breast milk supply) meaning not only do they all taste great, but they make the ideal snack for mothers who may be facing supply issues.

‘The Lactation Station’ lactation cookies have become a staple “must-have” for women’s hospital bags and next to their nursing chair for the mid-night feeds. 
As well as the Boobie Blend which makes the perfect additive to every meal; smoothies, porridge or even adding to your own home baking.

All their products make it easier for Mums to get those essential nutrients into their everyday diet while enjoying a little treat too.